Meet Our Leadership Team

We are proud to introduce our Board of Directors, our Executive Leaders, and our Management Team. We are all invested and excited to mentor and coach our entire security guard team. We work hard together to motivate and empower each other to serve and protect our clients with great steward leadership.


A message from our
CEO & President

I am honored and blessed to have my beautiful and amazing wife, Jennifer Abbott, standing strong and proud by my side with her full support and understanding of the many sacrifices necessary for Abbott SPI, Inc. to exist. I am proud to be celebrating Abbott SPI, Inc.’s 10-Year Anniversary and I sincerely thank each and every client and employee that has made this journey possible and successful. I will continue to work harder than ever to support our clients, community, and entire Abbott Team!

How We Got Started

James Abbott is a retired police officer with honorable service in good standing. In 2013, Mr. Abbott founded and established Abbott SPI, Inc. with the sole purpose of utilizing his law enforcement experience to provide premium security guard and private investigation services. He lives in Santa Cruz, California and strives to be a great community leader and is proud to be part of a locally owned and operated business. As our Board Chair and CEO & President, Mr. Abbott oversees all operations and is committed to continuing to provide premium security guard services that have a positive impact on making our businesses a safer place to work and our communities a safer place to live.

Board of Directors

James Abbott, Founder

Board Chair

Rebecca Steckler, Director

Board Secretary

Darren Pound, Director

Board Treasurer

Executive Leadership

James Abbott, Chief

CEO & President

Natziely Zavala-Garcia, Deputy Chief

Vice President, Director of Administration

Christopher D'Anza, Deputy Chief

Vice President, Director of Operations

Management Team

Luis Salazar-Perez, Lieutenant

Field Operataions Manager

Enrique Castaneda, Sergeant

Field Training Manager

Daniel Lemus, Sergeant

Field Training Manager

Leroy Martinez, Sergeant

Field Training Manager

Israel Rodriguez, Sergeant

Field Training Manager