About Us

Abbott SPI, Inc. was founded and is locally owned and operated in Santa Cruz, California by James E. Abbott who established this company with the sole purpose to utilize his law enforcement experience to provide premium security guard and private investigation services.

Abbott SPI, Inc. is committed to providing premium security guard services and private investigation services that has a positive impact on making our businesses a safer place to work and our communities a safer place to live.

Jim and Jen

Board of Directors

James Abbott, Founder
  Board Chair
Rebecca Steckler, Director
  Board Secretary​​
Darren Pound, Director
  Board Treasurer

Executive Leadership

James Abbott, Chief
  President & CEO
Natziely Zavala, Deputy Chief
  VP, Director of Operations
Guillermo Garay, Lieutenant
Senior Security Manager

Management Team

Rafael Acosta, Sergeant
  Field Manager
Enrique Castaneda, Sergeant​​
  Field Manager
Luis Salazar, Sergeant
  Site Manager
Richard Baylor, Corporal
  Field Supervisor
Daniel Cruz, Corporal
  Site Supervisor
Diego Lule, Corporal
  Site Supervisor
Leroy Martinez, Corporal
  Site Supervisor
Joseph Moreno, Corporal

  Site Supervisor

About Us