Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Will transitioning to your company be difficult?
We will collaborate with new clients to help transition from current contracts to our services with an integrated process, free consultation, and expedited proposal turnaround for a fast and seamless transition.


Where is your company located?
We are locally owned and operated, with our corporate office being located in the downtown area of Santa Cruz, California.


Is your company’s security guard services expensive?
We offer a very competitive rate without compromising our performance or our commitments to our clients.


Does your company provide daily incident reports?
We utilize an Incident Report Management System that allows our security guards to electronically submit reports for all incidents that are then emailed directly to our clients in real time.


How long has your company been in business?
We have been providing security guard services and serving the Santa Cruz market area since 2013.


How does your company hire security guards?
We utilize above-standard hiring practices, and all of our guards have passed a thorough pre-employment screening and F.B.I. criminal background check.


How does your company oversee your security guards?
We have one of the highest managers/supervisors to employees ratios within our industry to ensure our security guards get the proper mentorship and coaching necessary to be successful.


Can your company’s security guards make arrests?
We authorize our security guards to make arrests and prosecute offenders, as applicable by law, in an effort to better protect our clients and their property.


How does your company ensure transparency?
Our security guards utilize a GPS tracking system to ensure we maintain the utmost highest performance standards and trustworthy, accurate billing.


Who oversees your company’s operations?
Our founder/owner James Abbott is a retired police officer and is currently our CEO & President, overseeing all operations.